Resume Writing & Career Coaching Services

Resume Writing Services and Career, Life, and Start-up Biz Coaching

What We Offer for You

I take pride in strategically learning your character and presentation style and then I creatively present you on paper and within other job search marketing tools. I coach and guide you from start to finish through your job hunt and provide effective support and accountability coaching with your career and life goal planning and hiccups. And, when you feel the need to transition into your own start-up biz, I will provide you with all the resources, tools, and entrepreneurship coaching you need.


Learn from any location in the world. Study at a time and place that suits your schedule. Take complete control over your career, life, and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Resume Writing Services

Career Consultancy helps guide you with the correct usage of resumes, cover letters and other documents as well as the presentation and distribution of your job search marketing tools.

Career Coaching

I provide a goal setting plan for your job hunt, promotion, work experience transitioning as well as, interview tips and techniques, salary negotiations, and strategic planning.

Audiobook Strategy Training

You have an option of supportive learning techniques for my strategy planning by use of audiobook of the 101 Strategic Job Search Marketing Strategy.

Career, Life, and Start-Up Biz Courses

Try on our courses to overcome barriers to your career, life, and start-up biz journey.

Paperback and Workbook Strategy Planning

Available as a tool, the paperback and workbook to my 101 Strategic Job Search Marketing Strategy: The Helpful Checklist Guide to All Things Considered Workforce Readiness and Social Media Smart.

ROKU Channel and Podcasts

LMJohnson Coaching is on ROKU, Spotify and many others for your podcasts, webinars, courses, audiobooks, and podcasts. Find many career, life, and biz coaching tools to bring into your living room TV.

Online Services

Certified Professional Resume Writing Services

Always be prepared with ALL of the right job hunt tools you need to get the job you want. I create a tailor-made package or individual services always sticking to the individuality of your documents and work/life experiences.

We have all the job search marketing tools to get you noticed for a job interview. Our Services fits the needs of each job seeker. We do not provide cookie cutter services. Contact our office to get more information on how we can satisfy your career planning needs.


01. How to Purchase Resume Writing Services?

It's easy to make a purchase, submit your old resume, answer the career profile, allow me time to create, answer back any asap with any requests from me, provide information as requested, review rough drafts, okay final drafts, get additional services and coaching and then you are on your way to a confident job search.


02. How long does it takes to get my resume service back?

Normally 2-3 Days, can take longer if other I have an overload of customers to service. Please be patient.


03. Do you provide support with my career, life and job hunt after you're finished writing my resume?

There is follow-up support up to one month, support ongoing with questions, and three edits within two weeks.

Resume Specialties

Specializing in Hard-to-Market Backgrounds

01. Types of Job Seekers Serviced

  • Military and Transitional Military Spouse
  • Students
  • Summer Employment/Hiring
  • Internships
  • Recent Graduate
  • Entry-Level
  • Experienced
  • Professional
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Return-to-Work Moms
  • Return-to-Work Retirees
  • Ex-Offender

02. Resume Services

  • Resumes
  • Web Resumes
  • Networking Resume
  • Networking Cards
  • CV's
  • KSA's
  • Reference Folio
  • Cover Letter
  • Thank you Letter
  • Follow Up Letter
  • CD-ROM and USB Drive Storage
  • ASCII Job Bank format
  • PDF format
  • Word.doc format
  • Resume Distribution


03. Need Individualized Support?

We provide Interview Mock, Techniques, and Tips, Salary Negotiations and Social Media Branding for your online and offline needs.

  • Are you wondering why you haven't been called for an interview?
  • Does your resume speak your value proposition? Let me locate your barriers so that you can interview for a job position and gotten hired.
  • Knowing what you're doing wrong or not doing right is crucial to your career search strategy. Schedule a free consultation or a resume critique by entering your contact information at the bottom right-hand corner of the webpage.
  • Don't start any job hunt without a plan to change your old job search, and the determination to get hired with personalized, individual care to walk you through the process. If you need help and someone to guide you through, I offer the empathy and the experience to get you on the right track to employment.

Much Success with Your Career Search

Basic Job Search Package


All Occupations

  • Resume (Included)
  • Cover Letter (Included)
  • Word.doc format (Internet Purchase Only)
  • Free 40 page Interview Ebook (not Included)
  • Reference Sheet (Not Included)
  • Thank You Letter (Not Included)

Essential Job Search Package


All Occupations

  • Resume (Included)
  • Cover Letter (Included)
  • Reference Letter (Included)
  • Thank You Letter (Not Included)
  • Word.doc format (Internet Purchase Only)
  • Free 40 Page Interview Ebook (Not Included)
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