My Mom is Not My Dad

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  • My Mom is Not My Dad : Publication: LMJohnson
  • Publish Date: 2015 : A child's pain of divorce; love and pain can't dwell in the same home. Find out what happens.
  • ISBN-10 : 0236547851
  • ISBN-13 : 2547810321560
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Pain and divorce can’t reside in the same home. Court, single-parenting, what mom can a child wnt?

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A great book to share with young children who are experience the woes of divorce with their parents. Find out what it is that the children want out of the divorce, but will they give it him what they want or ignore them?

  • Look at the colorful, glossy paperback with illustrations by Indie Illustrator Duffie Imaya.
  • Help solve a problem by giving a child another perspective about the pain of divorce.
  • Find out what helps relieves the pain of children going through divorce.
  • Can Mom really take the place of Dad? Find out by enjoying a copy.
  • Purchase the eBook to view on your e-reader or as a read-only download.

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