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My 12 Lesson interactive course is self-paced, visual learning of my Business Marketing=Job Search Marketing strategy complete with quizzes and checklists to be used as a planner/guide for your job hunt. My available book 101 Strategic Job Search Marketing Steps: The Helpful Checklist Guide to All Things Considered Workforce Readiness and Social Media Smart its the support tool and learning manual for your course.


Listen to tapings of job hunts, stress journaling, and career to start-up via my podcasts.

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101 Strategic Job Search Marketing Steps

Sub Title: The Helpful Checklist Guide to All Things Considered  Workforce Readiness and Social Media Smart

I Can Teach you How with My Techniques

How? By Changing your mindset. I’ve been on social media when it was beta. Trust me, I know how! I didn’t jump on the bandwagon of “job search strategy” in the past couple of years of from copying someone else's ideas. While others were working in other industries, I was meeting with job seekers, coaching them, creating their job search marketing tools and followed-up afterwards!

How to Win at your Job Search or Career Hunt
  • Plan your career search
  • Decrease your skills gap
  • Know your value
  • Create effective job search marketing tools
  • Strategically combine social media and digital technology
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Different Teaching Strategies

Some teachers enter the profession because they're eager to make a difference. People tend to remember their teachers for an entire lifetime.

Course structure and modules

I'm an expert at finding the sweet spot between traditional resume submission and what is currently the choice of the hiring manager. I have progressive theories on the right way to job search as a tool for getting the attention of the decision maker, not just for an interview which is provided for you in my courses, Resume Distribution Services, Webinars, Interview techniques and tips and Career, Life, & Start-up Coaching online via ROKU.

My Approach to Job Hunting

Simple! See your job search as a business! A business markets itself and so, a job seeker must market himself, too! How? By adapting a mindset of marketing brand, your assets as a business does.

Self Learning with an account

You can start your job search journey with the 101 Strategic Job Search Marketing Steps strategy by creating an account at Boss Resumes or LMJohnson Coaching.com, read the book, taking the self-paced course, check-off the many checklists, use a planner to plan your strategy, learn in the comfort of your living room and on any device, at your pace.

Get pre and post coaching

You cannot go wrong with support, goal-setting accountability and coaching before and after your job search or career hunt. Don't stop at just getting a resume written, but motivation and support goes along way! It improves confidence and we all need that.

Lenora Johnson, CPRW

Lenora Johnson, CPRW

Resume Writer, Career Life, and Start-up Coach

Certified Professional Resume Writer Since 2010. Test originally taken in 2007. Two times Author, Certified Career, Life, and Start-up Biz Coach. Early Childhood Education Teacher and ECE thru 12th Grade Substitute Teacher


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You Really Have the Power to Change your Mindset. Start These Steps and Techniques for Yourself to Transform Your Job Hunt. Your Complete Goal Setting Plans and Organization in this course. Loaded with Resources and Tools.

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