Career, Life, & Start-Up 30 Day Calm CHALLENGE: Episode #23 Day #23

Day 23 Career, Life, & Start-Up 30 Day Calm CHALLENGE: Episode #23 Day #23

We have seven more days left before we complete the Calm Challenge. It’s not too late, there is still time to commit to the 30 Day Calm Challenge by visiting  https://www.lmjohnsoncoaching.com/30-days-of-calm-challenge/ 

Remember to follow through to the end with this challenge and take great care of yourself and family.

Those joining us for the first time and are curious as to what this challenge is about? Setting goals so that you are no longer tired and wore out from all of the mess going on in the world and everyday life. Have you ever faced the fact that clutter is a big problem and causes chaos? Join me for this 30 Day Calm Challenge! Change is nothing without putting in the work! That’s what challenges are for! Are you ready? Get yourself some quiet space and take the time to listen daily to get you on the right track to decluttering everything we have control over!

Please sponsor this challenge at .99 cents it helps to inspire the podcaster continue with future airings.

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