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Since 2006, I have provided career coaching for more than 3/4 of my clients, either by request or via the career coaching service within their purchased job search marketing packages.  My coaching was based on my experiences within the job readiness industry and that of my Business Education. 

After obtaining my PARW, CPRW certification and a degree in Business Management with emphasis on Marketing and Human Resources and the love of the study of psychology, methodology, philosophy, theory, critical thinking, determining value, and reality- I have obtained designation as a Certified Career Coach,  Certified Goal Success Coach,  Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified CBT Cognitive Behavior Life Coach: Accredited, Certified REBT (Mindset) Coach and Certified Master Coach. 

I use both SMART Goals and my own Career Setting Steps and Techniques for Successful, Job Search Strategies taken from 101 Strategic Job Search Marketing Steps: The Helpful Checklist Guide to All Things Considered Workforce Readiness and Social Media Smart.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Counselor. Coaching and Counselor are two different designations. I am a Coach.  If you require assistance with mental health issues you must seek a mental health provider. 

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