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This is a crisp and clean 1-page  brief presentation of your work experience, education, and skills. It is used to get the decision makers attention. During an event you can interact while verbally showcasing you and your professionalism then pass out this 1 page job search document. 

Great for the college graduate who can go to an event immediately and network in confidence. 

To get started: 

  • Purchase the resume service above or below for $99.00 as a secured PayPal transaction. 
  • After a successful payment confirmation, wait for an email for directions.
  • Personal information is required: Name, address, zip code, telephone number or cell phone number, email address, job title preferred, what industry, work experience, education, and 6 specific skills valuable to the employer. Do not include soft skills such as patient or team player. I will not use soft skills on this resume.   
  • We can communicate by telephone, email, text, or messenger to complete the service.
  • An old resume is helpful, but not necessary. 
  • Allow 1-2 days turn-around time for resume service.
  • Please respond promptly to rough draft submissions to point edits, corrections, or additions to the service.
  • Both rough drafts and final draft will be submitted by email in word.doc format. 
  • This is not a 2-page resume- A 2-page resume will not be created with this service.
  • Use at job fairs, networking events, in brief interaction with decision makers and other useful distribution modes. 



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