Item Purchase Policy

Additional Information

When placing a purchase of your job search marketing tools additional information will be required of each job seeker because job search marketing documents are taylor-made to market and brand you. This information includes after payment: a copy of resume, a profile consult to extract personal demographics, knowledge, skills, and abilities, education, work experience, job title, and other pertinent information needed to strategically place you on paper. After the purchase whether in-person, by phone, skype, email, or text I gather specific information through targeted questions. This information helps me to created the documents that will assist you with descriptions of who you are within limited amounts of space. Making each document very important upon completion. 

Item Selection- 

  • Select the items you need to complete a successful job or career search by pushing the Paypal- Buy Now button for each item. After payment processing await email for further directions. 
  • An old resume is welcomed but not needed. It helps but, the creativity is in the information gathered by me during the career profile intake. 
  • After the profile meeting, I begin to write your document. Returning each document back to as a 1st, then 2nd Draft, etc... 
  • All documents are to be reviewed by you for edits, errors, and additional information to be added. 
  • All information needed must be submitted in a timely fashion to complete by deadline. 
  • Resumes alone usually take 3 business days. 
  • Additional documents needed or bundled services require additional time as well as the queue of other customers and their services.
  • All documents will be delivered by email in word.doc format, unless in-person locally if agreed upon by you and I. Any other formats such as ASCii will be also submitted by email or locally in person. 
  • I treat all clients as professionals and as the Boss, thus Boss Resumes
  • I stand by the professionalism of the service(s) and the creativity of each document sold. 

Mission statements – I create documents that my customers are proud and confident to present. My approach with job seekers is to also inform them of the techniques, strategies and tips of the job search marketing industry. To be available for their concerns about their documents and their actions before, during, and after their job search. To provide job search marketing documents with content that is not cookie cutter but designed for their assets and value making them worthy and by making myself available upon edits full of accomplishments and progress during their tenor in the workforce. To always be knowledgeable and up-to-date with job readiness information and personal development for myself as a working professional.

Company policies – 

  • No customer information is shared or mishandled. 
  • Each customer is to be respected as I want to be respected. 
  • No refunds are given as the document submitted will be created for you. 
  • Rough drafts will be as needed before the final draft. I ask that my creativity be respected. 
  • All payments are through trusted Paypal whether by "BUY NOW" buttons here at the website, by invoice within email, text, app, or payment reader. 
  • You will receive receipt for payment or invoice for specialty requests, as well. 
  • Express services require negotiations and begin at $50.00 additional dollars within 24 hours. If the documents cannot be forwarded to you within 24 hrs. A refund of the $50.00 with be given and the original time-frame promised with be followed. I've missed one deadline in 12 years beginning this year. Don't intend on anymore. 

Executive profiles – Boss Resumes and Cover Letter Service is owned and operated by Lenora M. Johnson who obtained the certification of Certified Professional Resume Writer by the PARW, Professional Association of Resume Writers. I took one test and was graded by experienced colleagues within the industry. My first try in 2006 I scored 87, 95, and 79. I needed three 80 or higher scores from three board directors. I continued to run my brick and mortar, online store, and customers from home although, I did not retake and pass the test on the same try until 2010. Internet Trolls will lead you to believe otherwise and are always non-patronizing parties. Social Media is treacherous, I am still here, and enjoying my work. 


Flat Fee this month only


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Created to showcase your assets: knowledge, skills, abilities, education, work experience, duties performed volunteer work, certifications, workshops and other information. 

Additional Documents

IT Portfolio


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Information Technology- Extreme knowledge of industry and duties within this work environment. I believe it also requires a portfolio presentation that showcase the career seeker's past creations. 4-5 Page Presentation. 

Curriculum Vitae


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Rough Drafts makes for Perfect Final Drafts! CVs are written according the industry in which the career candidate has required his or her education, experience, and continued research. This document can be 2 pages and up to 10 or more. Depending on the professional and the extinct of his or her accomplishments.