The 101 Strategic Job Search Marketing Plan-Flow Chart

Business Marketing = Job Search Marketing

  • Products or Services
  • Assets
  • Market
  • Marketing Plan
  • Market Tools
  • Ways of Distribution

created and copyright 2013 #bossresumes Lenora M Johnson 101 Job Strategic Job Search Marketing Plan

My Strategy to Job Search

Business Marketing=Job Search Marketing-copyright 2013

My Strategy to a focused and effective job or career hunt is changing your mindset to marketing You and your brand as if You were a product or service. It's that simple!

It's all in changing the mindset and then focusing on obtaining the necessary tools to complete your job hunt. Determining what is needed, preparation, presentation and then follow-up is key elements of the hunt.

The 101 Strategic Job Search Marketing Plan is : 

  1. Plan your career search
  2. Decrease your skills gap
  3. Know your value
  4. Create effective job search marketing tools
  5. Strategically combine social media by use of digital technology

How does one begin- 

  • You should always see yourself during the hunt as a product or service to be sold at the market which is= human capital . 
  • Just like the last product or service you bought: there's packaging, appeal, quality and of course quantity, colors, value, pricing and description (just to name a few) of  marketing factors that determines the life of a product or service.
  • Your approach to job hunting should be the same. How a business markets the products and services you buy, for the reason you buy them, and the appeal that persuaded your decision.
  • Your resume and cover letter is the #marketing description that explains your assets, worth and value (...but, not in its entirety), within limited amounts of space and time to do so. Your interview clothing is one of many elements of the appeal These are some of your job search marketing tools.  elements of the appeal. 
  • Combine the different techniques, tips,  and steps, then strategically select the right format and layout for  paper job marketing tools, then integrate interview techniques, social media, and events like job fairs, then follow-up- all of this should work for you. Removing, reducing and eliminating barriers is one of my focused approaches and should be yours, too.
  • After your job search marketing tools have been crafted for you to know  what it is you bring to the table, you should confidently KNOW WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOUR VALUE and WORTH ARE! Thus "knowing who you are and what your value is"!
  • Your assets (value and worth as in education, experience, etc...) becomes a value proposition for the company hiring you. It is your assets boasted within your resume and within the interview that will profit the employer's workforce and bottom line. 
  • Distributing your job search marketing documents also requires a plan. Which document, where to, and what mode of distribution will you use. 
  • Keeping you as an employee long-term is the employer's goal. This becomes their sustainability purpose and your ability to continue and improve your skills with more experience and  personal development will allow increase, growth and existence of that company's workforce. 
  • This the reason for salary negotiations. Why would anybody purchase at the market a pinto and pay the price of a Bentley? Doesn't make since does it? 
  • So, the plan is to strategize your hunt. Work the plan until you get the job you have applied for.  
  • This is my approach to job and career hunting

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